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* As far as child’s family is concerned we perform certain advisory and  educational functions:

- we help in recognizing and developing child’s abilities and in taking up early specialistic

- we currently inform about strong and weak child’s sides

* We accept the partnership of  parents in all actions that are taken by kindergarten



Forms of cooperation with parents:

-         meetings with parents,

-         open classes with parents’  participation,

-         individual meetings,

-         competitions,

-         bulletins for parents,

-         exhibitions of children’s works,

-         acknowledgments and diplomas.



The kindergarten employs qualified pedagogic personnel. Teachers with pedagogic education, with high experience in working with children are still complementing their knowledge by studies, courses and training.



In our kitchen we prepare tasty and healthy dishes. Children get colourful sandwiches, fruits, home-made dinners, delicious salads and desserts. Everything is recommended by dietetics.



The educational offer of our kindergarten is conformed to children’s and parents’ interests, abilities and  needs.



In our basic offer we propose:

-         pre-school education

-         pro-health education

-         artistic education

-         music and rhytmic classes

-         religious studies

-         preventive and corrective exercises.

You can also have extra English lessons.

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